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About Us

Our Factory

Yingde Zhongxing Garment Fabric Processing Co., LTD is one of leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, specializing in the production of pearl wedding dress fabrics, sequin wedding dress fabric, bead tube wedding dress fabric, etc. For fabric textile processing, fabric printing and dyeing processing, fur product processing, household textile product manufacturing, spinning processing, industrial textile product manufacturing, clothing accessories manufacturing, embroidery processing, knitted or crochet textiles and their products manufacturing.

Product Application

Sales of clothing accessories, sales of industrial textile products, sales of knitted textiles, sales of knitted textiles and raw materials

Our Certificate

Import and export of goods, technology import and export

Production Equipment

Printing table, 18*60+10*75; pattern frame, 4000 sheets; powder suction machine, 3 sets; coiling machine, 3 sets; bronzing machine, 1 set; tunnel furnace heating machine, 1 set; rotary screen machine , 1 set; beater, 1 set; sieve screen machine, 1 set;

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